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José Antonio Rodriguez Flamenco Concert

Nat Hulskamp presents flamenco guitar concerts by the top guitarists in Spain in Portland and beyond. Past concerts include living legends of flamenco guitar such as José Antonio Rodríguez and Antonio Rey. These concerts were a first of their kind in Portland, and the first concerts in the area by true master flamenco guitarists from Spain.

Nat spends much of his time in Spain with many of the top artists of flamenco guitar and is proud to have been building this bridge between Andalucia and Portland since 2014. Concerts include workshops and masterclasses that give Portlanders an opportunity learn directly from the greatest artists in Spain. Contact Nat if you'd like to hear about flamenco and related events in the NW.

Below are some of the flamenco guitar concerts Nat has presented in Portland and the NW.

Antonio Rey, Live in Portland 2018

José Antonio Rodríguez, Live in Portland 2017

José Antonio Rodríguez, Live in Portland 2018

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