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Nat offers private lessons on flamenco guitar and oud in inner SE Portland. Lessons cover technique, theory, repertoire, improvisation and the fee is $60 per hour or $200 for 4 lessons ($50/hour). Nat also teaches flamenco guitar and oud at Reed College in Portland, OR.



For more info about lessons with Nat Hulskamp, please go to:

To set up a lesson please contact Nat directly:



My flamenco lessons are based on years of working professionally as a flamenco guitarist in both traditional “cuadros” with flamenco singers and dancers, to contemporary instrumental groups and solo performance.  This experience gave me a deep knowledge of this intricate style, knowledge that can’t be communicated to a student from books and transcriptions.

Over the years I have studied in Spain with the greats of flamenco guitar, including Diego del Morao, José Antonio Rodríguez, Manuel Parrilla, Pepe del Morao, Jesús Guerrero, Dani de Morón and Antonio Rey. I have recorded in Spain with Diego del Morao, Luís de Perikín, La Macanita and La Bejazz, and performed with José Antonio Rodríguez, Santiago Lara and Antonio Rey during their US tours.

I teach:

  • All styles of flamenco, from traditional to contemporary and fusion

  • Proper right hand techniques that are unique to flamenco

  • How to master the flamenco rhythms and song forms

  • Accompaniment and interaction with flamenco singers, dancers and percussionists

  • Repertoire- I can learn any flamenco piece off of a recording and teach it to you.  I have been teaching repertoire of Paco de Lucia and all the great flamenco guitarists from either pieces already in my own repertoire or from any recordings students have chosen.

  • Improvisation and jazz theory as it applies to contemporary flamenco (such as Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo, etc)

                              OUD LESSONS


For more info about oud lessons, visit

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions. I look forward to hearing from you!


Flamenco guitarist Nat Hulskamp
Flamenco guitarists Nat Hulskamp and Diego del Morao during a recording session in Jerez, Spain

Nat in the studio with Diego del Morao,

Jerez, Spain

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